I’m finally jumping back into the blogging world after a very long break. The past few months have been filled with a roller coaster of emotions and I look forward to sharing all that God has been teaching me about transition and following his will and plan for my life. This season is also an exciting adventure for my family as we have the opportunity to visit churches all around California, meeting pastors, learning the culture and seeing what the “Church” is up to! For the next year I would love to introduce you to all of these fabulous churches every Monday morning.

Yesterday we had the privilege to visit Urban Church with pastors Ben and Katie Brinkman. We were their on the first day at their new Elementary school campus. We were so impressed with the amazing people who helped us check our kids into the Urban Kids ministry and Brooklyn & Avery had a blast at the Splish Splash end of summer water party! They especially loved spraying Pastor Katie with the squirt guns! It is always great to visit a church where you know your kids are having a great time. (I’m keeping these things in mind as we plan for The Movement Church!)

Pastor Ben shared about Prayer and I left challenged to amp up my prayer life and conversation time with God. His message was based in Luke chapter 11 when Jesus taught the disciples how to pray. One of the points that was interesting to me came from Luke 11:2 “your kingdom come.” Pastor Ben was talking about praying God’s will for our life….not our own ideas or wishes. This requires slowing down and listening to God’s voice and not rattling off our requests and petitions every time we pray.

He referred to Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Pastor Ben created a picture for us of what this might look like. Delight is like clay in the hands of a potter. When we allow God to mold us and shape us, carving out certain things, pushing and forming others, we are enabling him to form the very desires of our heart…not our will but HIS! 

Often times God gives us a glimpse of His plan for our life and in our own human nature we develop a well thought out plan to get there. What we need to remember is God’s only shown us part of the picture. If He showed us the whole thing…it would remove our need for Him. Most of the time God’s picture for our life evolves into something very different but greater than we could ever imagine. Our job is to stay on the potters wheel. When we come humbly before God in prayer and give him the position of complete authority in our life, we submit ourself to His will and He molds and shapes a vessel that can be used by Him for greater things than we could ever do on our own.

Have you ever thought you had an idea of what God was going to do with your life…and it ended up being something totally different, or maybe the path to get there was less than expected? I’d love to hear your story!