If the title of this blog caught your attention, you could be in one of the most uncomfortable seasons of your life! Websters defines transition as: “the period of time when something changes from one state or stage to another.” Change is never comfortable, nor is it easy. It is also something that cannot be rushed or deliberately slowed down. It is what it is and the most important thing is learning to recognize the signs of transition and handle it wisely.

I have walked through a few major transitions in the past 12 years and I didn’t ever fully understand what was happening to me…or what to do with the crazy roller coaster of emotions that I felt. I feel compelled to share my experience and what I have learned to help others navigate and recognize the crazy season of transition. To avoid posting a novel, I’m going to break up my posts into several discussions. The first thing I’d like to share is “It might not be TIME yet.”

When I was pregnant with Avery, I was huge! I’m talking…”are you having twins?” huge! My pregnancy was more challenging because I was already keeping up with my 4 yr. old Brooklyn and juggling full-time ministry. To be honest, I was tired. I was so ready to have that baby and get back to being “myself” again. By the time I was 37 weeks I was convinced that “IT WAS TIME” to have that baby. I tried every trick in the book, and I do mean EVERY! 🙂 I was anticipating the contractions and the mad race to the hospital from the time I got up in the morning till the time I went to sleep at night. I begged my doctor to induce me because “I just knew it was time.” 

One night as I went to bed, I was convinced that the contractions had finally started. I waited it out for about an hour, woke Pastor Carey, put on my makeup (a necessity) and we raced to the hospital. I was able to distract myself from the pain with the comfort that “it was finally time.” The nurse took me back to a room to monitor my contractions and check my dilation before they sent me to labor and delivery. To my complete disappointment she looked me in the eyes and said “honey you’re not in labor. We are going to send you home and it may be a few more days.” My eyes filled up with tears…I tried to argue. I tried to convince the nurse that I needed to be induced, IT WAS TIME! But to no avail, we headed home. The contractions I was feeling were real. They were painful and they were a sign of what was to come, but it wasn’t time. Avery wasn’t ready yet and God was finishing his final touches on her and IN ME. 

You may be in a season where you are sensing the signs of transition. You may be feeling the tiny, uncomfortable contractions, but it might not be time yet! In August of 2009 when I turned 30  I was convinced that I felt transition approaching my family in our ministry. I prayed, I dove deep into God’s word searching for answers and praying for God to reveal His will and I got nothing, nada, zip! I poured over the scripture and God stretched my faith and understanding of His word in wild ways! He renewed a passion in me for ministry that had been lacking. But yet, I still had no idea why I was sensing transition was on its way. It wasn’t until March 2011 that God clearly spoke to me that “NOW it was TIME!” I knew God spoke to me because he confirmed the same thing deep within my husband and it was then that we truly entered “TRANSITION.”

If you are sensing the beginning “pains” and “discomforts” of transition, I would urge you not to rush the process. Dive deep into God’s word, increase your time in prayer and seek God’s face more than you are seeking your answers. It is in this season that He is completing the final stages of His work inside of you. The waiting process is what will define character, strength and integrity within you. Submit yourself to the leadership in your life, they are there for a reason. Serve where you are planted. Then, in God’s perfect timing He will bring you to the next step and season.

XO~ Meghan

I’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences with transition. Help me get the convo going! 🙂