The Waiting Room

In my earlier blog on Transition I proposed the idea that what you are feeling might just be the beginning signs and discomforts of a change that may be coming. Transition is a process and I would dare to say that much of the process is spent in The Waiting Room! 

We know it all to well, the dreaded waiting room experience. The place where our patience is put to the test and our true character is revealed! No matter how “right” I have done things by setting my appointment in advance and no matter how much pain I am in, without fail, I always find myself stuck in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. In these moments I’m convinced that God’s favorite fruit of the spirit is patience because He is constantly giving me opportunities to exercise it! And…the truth is, like most of you….I hate patience! It takes a lot for me to mask my feelings of annoyance and I fight the urge to tell the receptionists exactly what I think. Not only is the waiting room frustrating…it can also be very awkward. The music is never at the right volume and some of the people I share the room with are just plain “different”. The waiting room is a test of my patience but it can present some relationally challenging dynamics. 

I’ve also sat in the waiting room of a hospital fighting back tears and floods of emotion as I simply awaited the unknown. In those moments of waiting I learned God’s grace and how to rest in His strength when my own was failing. As difficult, frustrating, emotionally draining and relationally challenging as the waiting room can be, I wouldn’t trade my time there for anything. In these seasons God has been refining me and shaping me so that I am the perfect fit for the next part of His puzzle.

In the summer of 2010, a year after I had started sensing a transition coming…I still didn’t have the slightest clue what it was! I was frustrated. I was doubting my ability to hear God and wondering if I was creating it all in my mind. I found myself desperately pleading with God to make things clear, but no answer. I’ll never forget calling  one of the highly respected voices in my life, Lisa Bevere. Over the past 10 years Lisa has been gracious enough to be an outside voice of wisdom and truth spoken in love to my life. My husband and I were in Colorado with our teenagers for a conference and I begged Lisa to meet me for coffee.

I poured out my heart over a white chocolate mocha and Lisa listened and shared her heart as well. I was so excited and hopeful that this amazing leader and woman of God would be able to help me find some clarity and then her words….“Meghan, God’s just not speaking right now!” I thought “REALLY, that’s all you have to offer me?” LOL! How encouraging. She continued to remind me that sometimes we just have to be patient and allow God to be in control. She reminded me that often God gives us a small picture of what’s to come to keep us dreaming and pushing forward but all that He has offered is a very small piece of the picture.

The story she shared with me that day is the very thing that carried me through the waiting room for the next year of my life. Lisa reminded me of the story of Elijah and Elisha in I Kings 19. Elisha was plowing the field when Elijah walked by and in a moment Elisha recognized his new season and stepped into it. He wouldn’t have gotten there though if he had not been diligently working in the field at the task that was his for the moment. He also would not have seen Elijah pass by if he had not lifted his head at the plow.

Our challenge in the waiting room of transition is to diligently work the task at hand and tend to today with all that God has given us. While at the same time keeping our eyes up and aware of what God is doing so that in the exact divine timing of God we can recognize the moment and step into destiny! 


* Have you found yourself in the waiting room of transition? Do you relate to the feelings of frustration, roller coasters of emotion and have you experienced the relationally challenging dynamics of this season? I would love to hear your story and how you have navigated the season. Or if you have questions…I’d love to share more of my story with you! So comment people! 🙂